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How Is Italian Torrone Different From Other Sweets And Desserts? Nougat Secrets Revealed

We all must admit that Italian nougat is always delicious in any form, right? But, have you ever wondered what makes it so special? The flavour, of course. Yet, there are countless different combinations of this amazing confection.

Let's talk about Italian Torrone. Why is it so famous worldwide? Italian Torrone is a traditional Italian nougat. If you just can't get enough of this amazing luxury confectionery, know you are not the only one who feels that way. Let me introduce you to all its variations which are already making my Lavolio collection of famous Italian desserts richer!

How can these famous Italian desserts be made even better?

My handmade Italian chocolate confectionery is award-winning. I know very well how everyone enjoys Italian nougat, so I wanted to put it on a whole new level. I can proudly recommend my Lavolio Hazelnut & Cocoa Soft Nougat which is artisan made in Italy. This is a very healthy dessert: its ingredients are honey of finest quality, egg whites, hazelnuts and 100% pure cocoa. People continue complimenting my luxury chocolate confectionery claiming how it is even better than Venchi.

I must say how proud I am of this accomplishment. My Lavolio customers are definitely the ones that always inspire me to never stop creating amazing and unique nut gifts.

Of course, Lavolio Hazelnut & Cocoa Soft Nougat is not the only one among my collections of gifts for foodies. You should definitely try my other famous Italian desserts like Almond Soft Nougat or Pistachio Soft Nougat (about which I will talk a little bit later). This handmade Italian luxury nougat is made in a similar way as Hazelnut & Cocoa Soft Nougat, but the difference is how it contains 45% of roasted almonds. Almond Soft Nougat won the Great Taste Award in 2016. 

Award Winning Nougat London
Amazing and unique gifts for foodies that will delight everyone

Pistachio Soft Nougat is also one of the best choices you can make while trying to positively surprise all the people you love. Of course, Italian Torrone lovers will love this marvellous and crunchy Italian nougat flavour. Pistachio Soft Nougat has honey, toasted pistachios and egg whites. Sicilian pistachio nuts are definitely the ones that made this tasty luxury confectionery a Great Taste Award winner in 2016.

Nut gifts which are perfectly wrapped for special occasions

I enjoy seeing people positively surprising each other. What can complete special occasions better than famous Italian desserts? Therefore, I would like to present to you my Gift Wrapped Soft Nougat Set which comes in a pack of 3. I've made this special offer because people cannot make up their mind which luxury Italian nougat to choose from between Pistachio Soft Nougat, Hazelnut & Cocoa Soft Nougat and Almond Soft Nougat (and may I say I am not surprised).

Do you like Italian Torrone? Would you like to try the most special handmade Italian nougat? I am sure how you have already picked your favourite one among the nougat variations I have talked about here.