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Italy. One Of The Most Special Places In The World

Italy. One of the most special places in the world. What makes this country such an enchanted place to visit?

It might be because this is one of the most popular travel destinations in the world. It is beautiful, it has a great and interesting culture, and it offers things to tourists that other countries do not. It's not surprising that its nickname is 'Belpaese' - "beautiful country". 

However, there are some interesting facts about Italy that also make it unique, and a place that you should consider visiting, at least once in your life. These are a few of the interesting things that make Italy one of the most special places in the world. 

The capital city in Italy is more than three thousand years old

How many countries in the Western world can say that their capital city is more than three thousand years old? This is the case with Rome, Italy's capital city. Rome's history spans 28 centuries. Myth has it that Rome was founded at around 753 BC; however, the site has been inhabited for much longer, making it one of the oldest continuously occupied sites in Europe.

Do you know what the colours of the national flag mean?

The colours of the national Italian flag have special meaning. And, the Italian flag with its green, white and red vertical bands is one of the most recognisable flags in the world. In Italy, it is also nicknamed "Tricolore" or "tricolour".

A popular children rhyme suggests that green is for Italy's fields, white for its perennial snow, and red for the blood of soldiers. But actually, the flag is inspired by the French Revolution's one. Changing the blue for green, it embodied the same principles of Justice, Equality and Brotherhood. 

Chocolates In Italy
Most hotels don’t have the 17th floor

This is quite interesting. If you are going to a large building, especially a hotel, you will find that there isn’t the seventeenth floor. There will be a 16th floor and an 18th floor, but not a 17th floor. Italians believe that the number 17, especially in association with a Friday, is unlucky.

This is why when you are in a lift, going up in a hotel, you will see that there isn’t a number 17. Not because they don’t count to 17. Because they don’t want to have a 17th floor. Italians can actually be quite supersticious.

The Dolce Vita, 'Sweet Life' and the art of pleasure and indulgence

Italy is the country in the world which boasts the highest amount of UNESCO world heritage sites. It's beautiful, captivating and extremely diverse. But what makes it special is that Italians know how to enjoy life. They value family, friends, great food, the outdoors. The rapid Italian-speaking and crazy hand-gesturing might throw you off, but if there is something to be slowly savoured, it is a life lived the Italian way.

If you want to visit one of the most special places in the world, then you should visit Italy. However, there are so many things that are making this country special. If you want to find out the rest, you need to visit it yourself.